Order of events

April 2008 – Initial idea

February 2009 – Started writing ‘Jaunt’

Writing on average half a chapter a month.

February 2013 – proof reading begins

Proofing begins while I’m redrafting and completing final chapters.

March 2013 – Completed manuscript

Fourteen chapters and some art work finished.

22nd March 2013 – submitted ‘Jaunt’ to various publishers

Using the writer’s handbook (any budding authors bible) I set up a database and submit by email; synopsis, cover letter, sample chapters and art work, to ten publishers. I had already decided not to use an agent and try and accomplish publication in my own way so I can learn as I go along and have more of a first-hand idea of how the industry works; if my novel is any good an agent may not be necessary!

24th April 2013 – initial replies and correspondence begins

Some rejections, some thinking about it and two written letters requesting more information and closer communications.

24th May 2013 – two offers (still to hear from others)

Robust offers received with in depth letters and contracts. Now to decide? What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

 7th June 2013 – offer accepted and contract signed

21st June 2013 – first contact with the production department

I have been asked to submit my initial ideas & requests regarding the look of the book  ‘Jaunt,’ along with all other pre production matters – blurb, dedications, press releases etc..

5th August 2013 – all my ideas regarding production and promotion have now been submitted to the publisher

Composing blurb, about the author, dedications & press releases etc has been a painstaking and interesting exercise; having to think about how I would like to be perceived, what are the most important aspects of the story and how the book, in my view, should be promoted has been satisfying and exhausting. It may now be some weeks before I have anything to report. The publisher is now proofing and editing and they will be consulting with me on all of that along the way. This point of the publishing process is fascinating to me and I have been looking forward to this bit with baited breath.

16th August 2013 – latest news

I have been informed editing and proofing is progressing well and the first set of proofs will be sent to me in a few weeks time.

19th August 2013 – first set of proofs

Proofs received for my attention and comment. Fascinating to see how it works from the publishers point of view and especially satisfying to see  the layout of the book in its entirety including the copyright page. They are optimistic that Jaunt will be published before Christmas which is a lot quicker than I thought.

20th September 2013 – final set of proofs

Final set of proofs now finalised along with the art work and press releases etc. The cover is exactly how I envisaged it. The whole event is becoming a reality and the impact of this realisation is surprising me! I am quite muted nervous about the publication date (excitement is a secondary emotion). Expectations and hopes are blissful when floating through a dream but petrifying when connected to reality!

10th October 2013 – publishing date set!

message from the publisher;

“We have set a publication date of 31st October for ‘Jaunt’. Our marketing department will be in touch with you in due course regarding promotion and publicity.

I would like to take this chance to wish you all the best with the book and it has been a pleasure working with you.”

18th October 2013 – Jaunt now available for pre order on Amazon

official book cover


29th October 2013 – Author Event/talk/Book Signing request!!!

Newark library have asked the Publisher if they can host this event for Jaunt and quite frankly I am petrified! Great opportunity and will give it my best shot.


11th November 2013 – Picking up momentum!

Jaunt is selling well and author events and launches are on the horizon.

Diary dates:

November 21st – Article due out in the Newark Advertiser about my ‘Jaunting’ Journey

December 5th – Author event/talk/book signing at Newark Library 7pm – 9pm

A;though Amazon has sold out and is trying to increase availability, Austin Macauley do have a current supply with a postage fee.


Await next update