It was a horizontal jaunt of my own that eventually inspired the initial idea behind ‘Jaunt’.

A warm bleary eyed awakening one morning cultured a fuzzy headed notion; what would be the outcome if someone had the perfect physical connection with their one true soul mate but never encountered them again and more importantly didn’t know their identity?

This waking dream stuck with me for about a year, I just couldn’t shake it off. It wasn’t even an idea – just a concept. What on earth could be the circumstances for a meeting like that?

Angel of the North small I had absolutely no intention of making this notion into a story (I hadn’t written any stories since school, only poems for friends, pieces for newsletters and graphic designed posters and programmes for varying associations) …then….one day, very suddenly, this dormant seed germinated and burst out of my head exploding into a multi-faceted idea. I had no intention for this dream like notion to become a story but once the light bulb lit over my head and I had that eureka moment, I had to get it down on paper.

I started writing like a woman possessed not really knowing where the story was going to lead the two protagonists. I couldn’t type fast enough. I was writing on bits of rubbish in the car if I’d forgotten my note pad, I was jotting down ideas on ‘post its’ and note pads all over the house and in my bag while out and about. Collating all the information every day was like trying to catalogue every thought you have in a day, a near impossible feat. Eventually when I had enough parts of the story to link all the notes together, the writing then became easier and more fluid, it almost began to write itself gradually forming the final manuscript – very satisfying.

The story grew into something I could never have imagined without that initial concept. Slowly over the course of a year it became a vast, organised web of characters, events and atmospheres.

My good friend Jane then began proof reading the chapters I had finalised while I continued finishing the book ready for submissions.

The total time from beginning the writing process to submitting the final manuscript was four years but there was a two year break in the middle for personal reasons; I don’t know how established authors feel about this but for me writers block is an emotional barrier to connecting with my work.  If I couldn’t commit to the characters whole heartedly, I couldn’t even contemplate giving them the concentration and attention they deserved.

Finishing the last chapter was very emotional and exciting – I had written a novel!

The day after I received the first offer I got blotto with my proofing friend on red wine til 3.30am and the day after I got the second offer I started the next book!