teqs 10 (16-10-13)

I have been trying for days to live off concoctions of odds and ends, I’m now officially sick of pasta or rice mixed with a variation of half rotting vegetables and either chopped chicken or bacon or neither, and would so like a more complex dish to devour.

teqs 11 (16-10-13) Are you aged between 20 and 35?

Would you like to take part in a

Psychology Research Experiment

and be paid for your time?

   For more information please call Anna Paisley

on 201824.

(Student at Brailsford College)


teqs 12 (16-10-13)

After putting away the shopping I sit staring at the phone knowing I’m going to pick it up and press the keypad. The message is leaving my brain ‘goodbye message’ but it’s not reaching my fingertips. The impulses that make things happen naturally have been seduced by fear, blocking the easily swayed instruction by questioning its motives. While my outstretched hand quivers over the plastic of the hand set the sincerity in Bowie’s voice ‘Heroes’ holds back the fear letting my impulse take back control, then finally I’ve made the call.

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