I can’t reveal too much at this stage, while copyright is in progress, but can give a taste of the content. Once publishing rights have been finalised I can divulge more along with quotes and chapter samples.

Rachel Fleetwood is a single 25 year old, she is in a steady job and lives alone. It was never her intention to be part of the 9 to 5 work force but a lack of events led her there. She is a loner with self-esteem issues and every day events just revolve around her. She doesn’t let herself get involved, but is bored with being shy and having a routine life – she longs for spontaneity!

It seems to be just another working day when Rachel sees a poster advertising for subjects for a college student’s experiment!

Rachel lives in her own world preoccupied with music, film, books and media seeming to connect better with fiction and art than real life and people (the story is told through Rachel’s love of music and her over sensitivity to sensory stimulus). Feeling the need for positive excitement and the opportunity to do something unpredictable, to take a course of action that ultimately ‘scares’ her reserved sensibilities, she decides to sign up for the research, keeping it a secret.

Anna, the student running the experiment, is an enigma. Rachel finds her slightly disturbing without really knowing why, yet inexplicably makes an immediate connection.

Over a ten week period Rachel forms an unexpected relationship and attachment to a man she can never see or have as her own! Over time they realise how different they are but are completely drawn to each other. They slowly build on intimacy and chemistry, along with a reluctant but obsessive physical relationship, and this is where their complex story really begins.

At the same time as her secret life evolves so does her new found supernatural talent – the power to ‘Jaunt’! Why has it happened now? Is it a coincidence? Has anyone else experienced this? Is it real and how far will it take her?

Rachel’s larger than life friends – Jason and Roxanne, add piquancy and glamour to an otherwise reclusive lifestyle while her long-time best friend Sarah is her confidant and rock. They all form the foundation of an introverted, uneventful world suddenly and powerfully overturned. The experiment slowly changes Rachel’s expectations and the roles of those closest to her; they also become affected, and inter connected events start to take over everyone’s lives.

Whether readily or reluctantly Rachel and the anonymous ‘J’ become ‘the hub’ connecting the fate lines of civilisation by their love, the reason for a newly changing world.

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