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Jane E Murphy - Author of Jaunt.

Jane E Murphy – Author of Jaunt.

My name is Jane Elizabeth Murphy and my debut novel ‘Jaunt’ has been accepted for publication; a story of love and intrigue in the supernatural, told through music, science and the senses.

The main reason for having this website up and running now is not only to help publicise something I have worked hard on and believe in, but to share my experience as I become an Author; something I had never contemplated or thought was possible until the inspiration hit.

I have decided to be quite open about the whole process as it may help someone else who is wavering or think they’re not good enough. I am a total novice but have learned so much by trying to achieve this goal on my own. Anyone can do it if you believe in your story. I had some reservations about putting out so much detail before my book has even gone to print. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve so it’s been difficult to keep silent about the whole venture for so long. I feel now is the right time to go for it especially for those closest to me who have kept it a secret and encouraged and believed in me all this time. A big thanks to them right now!

I also want to share the notion that you don’t have to be an academic to succeed, you just need a good story and the conviction, along with someone to believe in you, thanks mum and Jane.

Having said that there is obviously no guarantee that this will sell enough let alone be a best seller (it’s a very competitive world and some luck is also needed) but the thrill at the acknowledgement of its merit along with the anticipation of the published work is more than overwhelming at this stage and more than I ever contemplated four years ago.